Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Cable Management has become one of the crucial parts for any organization, whether it is hospital, office or most importantly IT industry.  Properly managed cable not only give a better look but also facilitate to work with those cable if need arises.  Additionally, it gives safety to the surrounding as well as surrounding people.  Due to the growth in IT industry, lots of data center has been constructed over the year where it requires managing the cable tidily because in many case this cable need to be removed and reinstall due to extending or troubleshooting the systems.

Cable Management is becoming more and more sophisticated day-by-day due to the emergence of various cutting-edge technologies such as angular jack panel and increased path panels per rack. New and innovative product like high density cable organizers are introduced in order to provide solution to this issue. Keeping in mind the customers’ specific requirement, we provide different Rack Management Systems.Rack Management System.  Easy removable fingers have been given to fit the site requirement.
  Most of the system comes with an unparalleled composite construction with steel powder to enhanced durability of this product.  In order to enable it to carry ample quantity of cables, we provide ABS empowered specialized fingers.  To prevent and assure any sort of cable damage, semicircular ABS fingers are provided as a means of perfect
Provided with two doubly hinged doors, one at the front and another at the back, proved to be user-friendly and most efficient Cable Rack Management so far.  In order to give a perfect look, better alignment and sturdy structure this cable organizer has been bolted precisely.  
You can choose any Rack Management System from our vast option and if required; you will be provided customized Cable Rack Management to fulfill your specific need.